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Ledlights optoelectronics incorporated company(Ledlights Optoelectronics Inc.), Our company concentrates on LED the development, production, application of the related application product, the product includes:Whole colourful billboards, LED sub-title machine and LED the lamps and laterns bright chemical engineering distance and LED the lamps and laterns whole colourful displays in applied and every kind of LED, the LED placard waits for every kind of LED applied product, devote one's mind of respect-work attitude and high-quality product and after-sales service, always is the principle of management of our company, the power virtuous optoelectronics currently start strongly selling by all-directions LED the brand of the information system at the market in 2007, integrate LED the system apply, light project, environment view and public art, provide the concept of whole programme, and will guide to create e LED digital lamps and laterns and dynamic state LED for times show placard applied the quantity turn and popularize and provide a whole programme construction, with the most high-quality let the beautification of the city lamps and laterns and enterprise merchandise advertisement be able to get the most efficient effect with price.
Walk on the technique most the head, product first enters and serves the most considerate under, the member of the power virtuous optoelectronics constitutes to, on the theories and the actual situation, we can with the sharpest with most the idea of modern trend, keep on a continuous research development, renew and more all-directions peripheral product to satisfy and help an enterprise to do resource integration.Flexibility of the product structure design with well-learned actual situation experience etc. characteristic, let the customer be able to choose the solution needed.The power virtuous optoelectronics is the high-quality team that can provide an all-directions solution and have a good reputation and give architect, the designers a creations space that freely writes freely.The development of product, design, make to sell of consistent turn a homework, ensured the competition ability of function and price.Unconsciously, LED has already let our lives change of colorful, the traffic lightses of Taipei and street in Kaohsiung almost have now 90% have already converted into LED, other cities also continuously follow in, the LED's digital lamps and laterns and placard's application isn't a Taiwanese feeling to include only Chung, it is already a global trend.
Give out light diode LED(Light Emiting Diede), take silicon Ji semi-conductor as main raw material, plus various little material, make use of the electronics and the electricity hole in P type and N type semi-conductor to combine, release energy by the type of light, LED belongs to an active component, can develop to enlarge, flap to concuss, commutate while acquiring external energy etc. function.The development of LED component has already tended a mature stage, High Power LED the component has already more publish as well to is applied it to extend and extensive, the application of present is at the indoor dispatches from foreign news agency brain billboard, traffic light, consumption electronics, industry, appearance, and car industry...etc., now more applied build the view, view lighting market at the stage radiation, art lamp and building.
The LED product has abundant color, small scaled turn, save an electricity, low have fever, Gao Shou Qi, reaction quick, have no electromagnetic wave etc. advantage.In currently the market product, day by day its application is extensive also have act for of trend.
Light gallery(central park) in Kaohsiung city and lake area inside Taipei City show the appearance of the purpose lamps and laterns in the night, the total amount is decorated with LED, the most well-known is a pool outside Shanghai to have it the bright performance more, these lives turn 1.1 drop bodies that the changes have already made LED surrounded at us side, but what to have an imaginable space most is a white light publishing of LED, the farsighted target is to replace an existing light bulb, become main lighting, green of energy, future trend, will change you my living space, let us expect LED trendses to enrich our imaginable spaces.
LED characteristic and advantage are the light source stars in 21th century, our believing deeply its future and replacing sex is a kind of trend.Keep on to go forward continuously and hard, always is that we push their own motive force and face century and business type of a newness, we will extend current advantage, being majored in to LED the optoelectronics is applied and the Gao Liang Du LED light source develop.According to the attempt of mightiness, we can definitely keep on the continuous progress, the creativity virtuous optoelectronics and enterprise main double of future prospect for winning.
In Ledlights, we let the light change of more cheery, beautiful, more diverse in spite of is quotation, project design, development, maintenance and technique guidance all with absolute customer satisfaction for have the initiative.We own abundant actual situation experience, most the forerunner's soflectiont & hardware technique plus to the strictly guarding a pass of the quality and make of the every creations is the all the most perfect performance.

Show room of Ledlights
Show room of Ledlights
Show room of Ledlights1
Show room of Ledlights2
Factory of Ledlights
Factory of Ledlights
Factory of Ledlights1
Factory of Ledlights2
Factory of Ledlights3
Factory of Ledlights4
Factory of Ledlights3
Factory of Ledlights4

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